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We're all about relationships and results

Awaken Media Solutions is a full-service marketing agency based in San Bernardino, CA. Founded in 2019, AMS has partnered up with companies in the Inland Empire and the surrounding areas to achieve their digital marketing goals.

When you work with AMS you get a creative and strategic marketing experience that will make your brand sought out for by your target market and make your competitors want to copy you. Are you ready to stand out?

Awaken Media Solution’s mission is to bring our clients the results they’re looking for through their digital marketing efforts. 

We believe that when people are passionate about their work, they will give their all to make sure that each client receives the highest level of service. 

Lastly, we want to create more opportunities for each client to grow their influence in their sphere of influence.

Our vision is for the businesses we work with to have an ace up their sleeves when competing in their market. 

No matter how hard the task may be, we’ll find a solution that will make your digital marketing system work. 



Integrity is to take care of what is given to you and treat it with the utmost respect.


We understand that we serve an audience of one just as Galatians 1:10 mentions. This pushes us to not only reach for excellence but to fulfill every client’s need with efficiency.


Creativity brings the spice in life and that’s what we bring.

Work Ethic

We believe that working hard for the prize is what makes us grow into the people we want to be.


When everyone else feels like giving up on a project that has brought them to the ground, we at Awaken Media Solutions won’t give up on it.

Your Digital Marketing Strategist

Jimy Delgado Professional Digital Marketing Specialist

Jimy Delgado

The founder and main point of contact of Awaken Media Solutions.

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