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More than just a logo

Branding is more than your company name, logo, and color schemes. It’s the strategy behind bridging the gap between your company’s brand identity (which is what you want your customers to think of your organization) and your company’s brand image (what your customers think about your organization).
Your brand is the personality of your organization. We can help you build a brand identity that your customers can not only relate to but want to continually be around. Branding is the foundation that gives you the platform to grow on. Branding is the reputation you have with the community.

Just as Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, said it, “Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.”

Your brand Identity includes the development of:

  1. Your unique selling points
  2. Your company’s purpose and goals
  3. Knowing who your customers are and knowing how you will reach them
Unique Selling Point in branding

Unique Selling Points

Your Unique Selling Points (USP) are points you use to build a unique personality around your brand that makes you stand out from your competitors. Don’t make the mistake of placing a small amount of effort into your USP. We take your USP and refine it to compete with those in your business niche.

Customer choosing which brand to go with

Knowing who your customers are

You won’t be everything to everyone, so choosing a specific niche will help you reach your target customers easier. By doing this it will narrow your focus allows your company to be more effective when it comes to reaching out to them.
Here are a few characteristics you can use to build your buyer’s persona:

That’s the start, to go even further you can look into these characteristics:

How we help you

We help you figure out your brand mission, values, and the best way to position yourself in your customer’s mind. Once we have your brand Identity our goals would be to get it as close to your customer’s image of your brand as possible as that builds trust in your brand.

Building trust and standing out through digital marketing tactics allows your company to have a successful brand.
This is the first step towards building out a complete marketing strategy.

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