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    Want more ways to effectively reach your target audience?

  • Focus in on your main keywords and build an ecosystem around it.
  • Notice how your target audience acts and look to mirror it.
  • Tell a story to narrate your point across in a way that’s more interesting to follow.


 Grabbing the attention of your target audience can be difficult at times as people change and have grown to have a short attention span. The way you’re able to zero in on the target is to build a buying persona.

 A buying persona gives you more insight on how you could grab the attention of your target market and keep it.

 Here are a few questions to go along with the ones in the post:

     What is their demographic profile?

     Where do they live?

     What are their hobbies?

     What is their typical day?

     What are their goals and objectives?

     What could be their objections?

  How would your persona decide to purchase your product or service?

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