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As a creator or businessperson we are giving value to our audience through the work we provide. The thought of us getting something back is already at work within our minds as we give content of value. We post to social media, we’re hoping people will give us likes, shares, and comments. Or when we have written a post about something extraordinary, we want so many eyes to read it!

It’s okay to desire reciprocity when looking to grow. This is how we are able to build relationships with other people. A relationship is a two way street. At first, we have to give! We have the be the ones to start it off without having the idea of receiving something in return. When you’re able to let go of the idea of receiving something in return you’ll start to be a happier person because of it. As Gary Vaynerchuk mentions in an article written on Medium, “you automatically have a leg up on so many other people in life because you are never distressed waiting for your ‘payment’ to come in. You just give and you’re happier for it.”

Giving with zero expectation of receiving something in return is a legendary marketing tactic that few people use. Those few people that use it, usually rise faster than people that have continued expectation of receiving.

It has always been said, giving is better than receiving.

Let’s give because….

We have an abundance!

Whether we give out of having knowledge or materialistic things, we have SOMETHING to give. Millennials have a ton of knowledge to give as we are a generation that is well educated. Out of that abundance, we can show others what we know about the good and the bad of [insert subject here].

It will edify another person’s life

Knowledge is power. If you can empower someone to better themselves, it can make you feel good that you influenced them and helped them succeed.

It will make the world a better place.

Changing the world always starts with you. If you can make the mindset change to think of others before thinking of yourself (at the right times), you can find yourself being the change maker in your society. People will start to look up to you as you have something they want.

Happiness comes in many ways. Giving is one of the best ways to reach happiness because the smile you receive is something to be happy and satisfied about.

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