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Cubicle and Office

Transforming Cubicle and Office: A Digital Marketing Success Story

Our Strategic Goals for Cubicle and Office were:

1. Establish a Robust Social Media Presence: Cubicle and Office aimed to create a dynamic and engaging presence on social media platforms to connect with their target audience and showcase their unique offerings.

2. Develop a Comprehensive Marketing Plan: The company required a comprehensive marketing plan that would align their digital efforts with their brand identity and business objectives.

3. Craft an Online Advertising Strategy: To expand their reach and drive traffic to their website, Cubicle and Office needed a well-crafted online advertising strategy that would maximize their ROI.

4. Create a Content Strategy: In order to provide value to their audience and boost their online visibility, a well-structured content strategy was essential.

Cubicle and Office

Digital Approach and Strategy For Cubicle and Office

1. Web Development: Upon assessing Cubicle and Office’s digital landscape, we recognized the potential in their existing website, which had been developed by a friend. However, it needed significant updates to attract more visitors and effectively convey the brand’s message.

2. Website overhaul: Our strategy began with a website overhaul, encompassing a fresh homepage design and revamped product pages. We continuously added new web pages through engaging blog posts and updates, optimizing the site to improve search engine rankings. This ensured that Cubicle and Office could better reach their target audience organically.

3. Social Media Development: To enhance their social media presence, we devised a content plan that leveraged the rich visual content from previous projects they had undertaken. By sharing compelling pictures and videos, we engaged their audience, showcased their craftsmanship, and built a loyal online following.

4. Online Advertising: We leveraged data derived from rigorous testing to create a finely tuned ads strategy. This strategy ensured that Cubicle and Office consistently appeared at the top of search results for relevant keywords, maximizing their visibility to potential customers actively seeking their products.

Outcomes and Impact for Cubicle and Office

1. Business Exposure: Cubicle and Office experienced a remarkable 25% increase in incoming business inquiries, demonstrating the effectiveness of our digital strategy in driving customer engagement.

2. High Search Engine Rankings: The company now enjoys high search engine rankings for “office furniture” in their target area, making them the go-to choice for local customers seeking quality office furnishings.

3. Confidence in the Future: With a robust online presence, a comprehensive marketing plan, and a thriving digital strategy, Cubicle and Office now has the confidence to face the future with optimism and expand their presence in the competitive office furniture market.



“Hello, this is Manuel from Cubicle and Office. We are extremely pleased to have Jimy Delgado collaborating with us, overseeing our marketing and social media efforts. Jimy is well-prepared, punctual, and consistently produces high-quality work. Despite his youth, he often offers unique perspectives that differ from those of us who are older. He is truly exceptional. Additionally, he brings a dedicated team with him, though I’m unsure of their origins.”

Manuel Downy

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