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Alignment Counseling & Alignment Healing Center

Proposal presented by: Awaken Media Solutions

Hello Julia,

I will be working on helping you with both the websites. As you have mentioned before, the websites are already up and running but you’d like some changes that require more time than a simple management fee. I’ll be helping you with your and editing. The work stated by you will be added here and the cost will be added as well. Let me know if you have any questions or need any changes.


Thank you,

Jimy Delgado edits

On the Alignment Healing Center website the “book my appointment” link needs to be updated. I will give a new link that will go to Beth and Ray. Where it says “get aligned with your true self” alignment healing center, change that to alignment healing collaborative. Under the "a little more about us" – “we are a collaborative group of healing professionals working together to help you live your best life." “Our Collaborative Healers help you move forward, realigning with your true self, so you can put the power back in your hands and live the life you envision.“ the bottom paragraph “A holistic approach includes” take out message. Have it say instead-“working with a holistic health coach and/or an energy healer in a judgment-free zone and support with other areas of wellness as needed.” OUR APPROACH Take out “provide a healthy environment” “ Beth, Ray, and Julia work together by collaborating with one another and referring clients who are interested in learning more about holistic methods.” Keep the section “Making Holistic Health Easy” Take out placing value section and your personal wellness center title and picture. Can you have a form go to Ray or Beth’s email instead of a phone number? Also remove addresses. Can you have a link to the Alignment Counseling website? Take out everything through “Healing Services” Take out Mental Health Meet our healers- take out the therapists Take out what our Founder has to say. Take out Membership Program and everything through the blogs and ebooks. Take out addresses and phone numbers- let’s ask Ray what email he wants to use. change to Alignment Healing Collaborative Delete membership page, corporate Wellness page, gallery. Services page: Link to Alignment Counseling “schedule my session” change to “learn more” keep everything under that. Everything else ok- just change address and name and phone. Events- we will keep for Ray and Beth- take off membership and phone numbers Take off join our team

Alignment Counseling website

Add the page from alignment healing center website that talks about therapeutic services. Take off “explore recipes” Book an Appointment instead of schedule consultation Take off all the group therapy On the about page: Add Info from the other website on Kim, Ruby and Jill. Add the address: The address is 10630 Town Center Drive Suite 111 Rancho Cucamonga CA 91730 909-689-6127 Juliaseiker@alignmentcounseling.con Take off the coaching page You will see on this website there is a lot on recipes and well-being- I cut and pasted from as existing site- we can take all of that off. Very simple- should show all the therapists, give link to online schedule and email, address, etc.

Timeline of the Project

These edits should be done by no later than the end of next week.

Estimated Timeline:

1 week

Web design and implementation
1 week

Your Investment

Your suggestion for $500 dollars will work for me for this job. I'll get it done as soon as possible.

Website tweaks

Total: $500

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