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Email Automation Development

Proposal presented by: Awaken Media Solutions

Hello Edgar,

Here’s the breakdown of what we will be doing for your email development:

1. Developing different lists
What this is setting up categories for where the client may be.
a. Did they sign up to receive discounts from the STR website?
b. Did they purchase from us before?
c. What type of content are they interested in?
2. Next we’ll create the content
a. Welcome Emails: These are sent to new subscribers to introduce them to your brand and set the tone for future communications.
b. Promotional emails such as holiday coupons and discounts.
c. Abandoned Cart Emails: These are sent to customers who have left items in their online shopping cart without completing the purchase, with the goal of reminding them to come back and complete the purchase.
d. Customer Feedback Emails: These are sent to gather feedback from customers about their experience with your brand or a specific product or service.
e. Milestone Emails: These are sent to celebrate a customer’s milestone with your brand, such as a one-year anniversary since signing up.
Each client will have something similar sent to them but will be segmented to push for a purchase or engagement.

I will be working on email development for Samperio Turbo Rebuild and STR Turbo Technology with this proposal.

What to expect from my email services:

A plan for each month to send to each client. 4 minimum emails per month sent out. The emails will mostly consist of text and minimal graphic design aspects. We will be using Go High Level for the emailing platform.

The plan for each month will contain:

What type of emails are going to be sent out and to who. What are the holidays that are going to be used for the next promotion. What day and time we are going to be sending out emails.

The 4 minimum emails that will be sent out:

We will have a minimum of 250 words per email. We will add media such as videos, photos, and graphics if the email requires it. We will also find the right days and times to send out each email for the campaigns.

We will be using Go High Level for the emailing platform.

This platform has what we need to send out emails, develop automations, and generate reports.

Your Investment

Your investment is a month-to-month payment. You can cancel anytime.

Email Development

Total: $400

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