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Email Marketing with Archis Bagati and ThinkIO LLC

Proposal presented by: Awaken Media Solutions

Dear Archis Bagati,

I am thrilled to present this proposal from Awaken Media Solutions, a comprehensive service dedicated to elevating your email marketing strategies. With our expertise in creating impactful email campaigns, we aim to significantly enhance your team’s engagement with cold leads. Our approach is tailored to align seamlessly with your company’s brand values, ensuring that every communication reflects the essence of ThinkIO LLC.



Jimy Delgado

Scope of Services

As part of our engagement, Awaken Media Solutions will provide the following services:

Email Marketing

Development of Email Campaigns: Crafting up to one robust email campaign per month using Constant Contact. Comprehensive Campaign Features: Email Composition: Each campaign will include 1–6 emails featuring expert copywriting and appealing design. Integration and Testing: Utilization of Zapier integrations for streamlined operations and A/B testing for optimizing campaign performance. Content Utilization: Leveraging your existing content, ensuring it aligns with the campaign's objectives and brand ethos. Brand Alignment: Ensuring all emails resonate with your company's values and brand identity. Performance Reports: Monthly reports analyzing and illustrating the campaign's impact and audience engagement. Additional Campaigns: Option to initiate more campaigns with an additional charge of $200 per campaign.

Timeline of the Services Provided

Initiation: Commencement of campaign development upon receipt of the first payment. First Campaign Launch: Targeted to be ready by the first week of February. Subsequent Campaigns: Preparation of the second campaign by the first or second week of February. Regular Reporting: Delivery of monthly performance reports at each month's end. This will be a monthly

Estimated Timeline:


Design and development
3 days
Monitoring and continued development

Your Investment

Service Fee: The service is priced at $150 per month. Payment Terms: Initial Payment: The commencement of services upon the first payment. Monthly Billing: Subsequent monthly charges to be billed at the start of each month. Additional Campaigns: If more campaigns are desired, an additional fee of $200 per campaign will be applicable.

Email Marketing Services

Total: $150

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