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Logo Design for Max's Book Cave

Proposal presented by: Awaken Media Solutions

Cover letter

Hello Maria,

You have reached out about creating a logo for your book service. You have sent me a few designs you’re interested in. I will also send you a questionnaire for you to fill out so that I can have a better understanding of your brand.

I will work on a few designs for you this week and send them to you for review.

How the payment will work is that I will ask for half of the payment up front and the other half when you are satisfied with your new logo.

As far as the timeline goes it is as follows:
4 days for designing 3 different mock-ups
2 days for revisions
2 days for final draft submission

If you have any questions feel free to give me a call, send me a text, or email me.

Jimy Delgado
Creative Strategist
Awaken Media Solutions

Scope of Service

1. Create 3 different mock-ups 2. Allow for revisions on one mock-up

Creating 3 different mock-ups

We'll create 3 different ones to work with so you can have options to move forward.


The option you choose to move forward, we will work on revisions if you'd like them. If not we will send you the final designs.

Timeline of the Project

Estimated Timeline:

8 Days

Designing 3 different mock-ups
4 days
2 days
Final draft submission
2 days

Your Investment

Logo Designs

Total: $100

Approve Proposal

If you would like to join us and become a client then we’d be delighted to have you.

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