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Proposal presented by: Awaken Media Solutions

What I will do for you

Your creative and strategic action plan summary Step 1: Website Planning Step 2: Website Design and Development Step 3: Monitor and Control Step 4: Continued Monthly Maintenance & Website Updates

Website planning

I will send you a branding information questionnaire to understand your brand before our brainstorming meeting. We will then have a 1-hour brainstorming session on zoom to discuss your website's needs and functionality. We will work on securing your domain and hosting services during the brainstorming session. The domain and hosting costs will be around $50 - $200 dollars.

Website Design and Development

Build 4 main pages on WordPress - Home page - About page  - Services - Contact - Privacy policy The main pages will have images, video, or other media, and up to 250 SEO centric words. Use your company's branding such as logos, pictures, or any other media you may have. Custom-made layouts and banners designed to closely relate to your brand image. Add functionality that allows customers to order online for delivery and pick-up. Keep a friendly user interface for the customer and website owners after the website is complete.

Monitor and control

Have two rounds of revisions, to ensure our finished product matches your vision. We'll make sure your website is speed optimized while still having a great look. Have a responsive design that works with all devices: desktop, mobile, and tablet. Google Suite marketing set up for your website Set up Google Tag Manager ii. Set up Google Analytics iii. Set up Google Search Console

Chatbot installation and modification

This is so that you can use a chatbot for when people are visiting your website.

Continued Monthly Maintenance & Website Updates

Continued monthly maintenance that includes: security checks, website backups and restoration, updated theme and plugins, continued website optimization, and monthly reports. Website Updates include: Updates to the pages that have already been built which includes: - Home page - About page  - Services - Contact - Privacy policy These updates can be in the form of text, photo, audio, and video content changes.

Additional Recommendations

These are add-ons to put on your website. They aren't added to the final price until you direct me that you want it.

Continued monthly SEO content

This is if you'd like me to work on your search engine optimization strategy with you and implement it for you. $250.00-$1000.00 monthly

Timeline of the Project

If you decide to work with me, I will have the website completed within 1-2 weeks depending on how well our communication is. The plan is to have it completed in less than 2 weeks.

Estimated Timeline:

1 weeks from first payment date

Brainstorming session
1 hour
Purchase domain and hosting
2 hours
Web design and implementation
1 - 2 weeks
Web optimization
1-2 days
Chatbot Installation
1 week

Your Investment

You will receive, as mentioned above, the steps to a successful website development and continued monthly maintenance. Step 1: Website Planning Step 2: Website Design and Development Step 3: Monitor and Control Step 4: Website Training Step 5: Chatbot installation Continued investment: Continued Monthly Maintenance & Website Updates This investment starts after the free month of technical support. It is payment of $50 per month.

Web design
Chatbot Installation

Total: $750

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