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The Sales Funnel Proposal for Roslyn Financial Advisor

Proposal presented by: Awaken Media Solutions

Welcome note:

Dear Roslyn,

Customers are always at the center of any kind of business. I’m sure you would agree that in today’s competitive age, retaining current customers and acquiring new ones has become more important and difficult than ever before.

This is why we are working together to make sure your company has a steady flow of leads and conversions so that your business can keep thriving.

Awaken Media Solutions will provide you a system that helps automate the process of finding, contacting, and setting appointments for your business. In the pages to follow you will find in detail the value that we will provide you and how we will work together to make this work!

We have agreed that your investment for my services is going to be 800 dollars.

Please carefully review the contents of this proposal and feel free to contact me if you have any queries. I look forward to welcoming you.

Jimy Delgado
Creative Strategist
Awaken Media Solutions

Scope of Service

Your creative and strategic action plan summary: 1. Brainstorming session 2. Develop business branding 3. 4-page website with 3 sub-pages 4. Develop 2 social media accounts 5. Help you develop your video strategy and implement it for the first month 6. Develop a social ad campaign 7. Send you weekly analytics and show how we're improving the system

Brainstorming session

1. Creating your target persona 2. The main services you'd like to focus on 3. Making sure we understand what is going to happen throughout this campaign. 4. Go over branding information and questionnaire

Develop business branding

i. Develop company's visual assets 1) Colors 2) Fonts 3) Logo ii. Build your company's purpose in the world 1) Build a 1 paragraph statement for your brand. iii. Build company's goals 1) Build 5 points that are important to your clients and you at the same time iv. Find the company's USP (Positioning statement) 1) Build a 2 sentence USP statement v. Tone of Voice vi. Develop a brand promise vii. Develop company tagline viii. Identify a strategic target audience 1) Build your targeting persona ix. Brand pillars 1) Headline benefits 2) Supporting examples

4 page website with 3 sub pages

Main website pages: 1. Home Page 1) This page will have images, video, or other media, and up to 500 SEO centric words. 2. About Page 1) This page will have images, video, or other media, and up to 200 SEO centric words. 3. Services Page 1) This page will have images, video, or other media, and up to 500 SEO centric words. 4. Contact Page 1) Create a simple contact us page with a calendar booking 2) Simple thank you page 5. Create a service area page 6. Create a sitemap page

Develop 2 social media account

LinkedIn/Facebook Set engagement strategy for your pages. I will be engaging on your behalf with the community you belong to. For you to grow, you should also interact with your community. Set a targeting strategy for you. What this means is use your targeting persona to develop a hashtag strategy and a community strategy that will boost your exposure to the right people. The right people would be the people that would promote your content and the people that would buy from you. I will post 2-3 times a week for the first month for each social media account. This is dependent on how many posts are created by you and from you. Post can be pictures, graphics, or video.

Help you develop your video strategy and implement for the first month

What this means is: 1. Help with the pre-planning phase 1) Share ideas about what camera equipment you should have. 2) Sit down with you to plan and set up each video for the month you will be on social media. i. These videos should be 10 minutes long and in 1080p quality. ii. Each video will have sections that can be broken up into smaller videos. iii. In the end you should have 1) 1 Main video 2) 3-5 small videos 3) Help you learn how to create speaker's outline for each video. i. I will develop a process for you to follow for this. ii. I will work on the first 5 videos, and then you will have to create your own from what you've learned. iii. After the first 5 project, I will only proofread your outline for the first month. 2. Help you slightly with your shoot 1) What this means is that I will work with you on your first 2 videos through zoom to coach you through filming your videos. After that I will only edit the videos. 3. Help you edit your videos 1) I will edit the videos, so each section flows correctly, and any mistakes are filtered out. 2) I will add relevant photos or b-roll wherever the extra media looks good. I will export 1 main video and 3-5 smaller videos (depends on where the video will be posted)

Develop a social ads campaign

I will create 1 social ads campaign with 3 different ad sets with a total of 6 different ads. What this means is that I will use the visuals that we created for social media or from your branding to target your ideal buyer.

Send you weekly analytics and show how we're improving the system

You will receive weekly reports to your email. What the weekly report will have: 1. Progress on the development of social media assets 2. Progress on website development 3. Progress on social media advertisements 4. Progress on video development

Closing the contract duties

Once the first month is complete, you should: 1. Have most of your branding set up for your business name 2. Have a functional and blooming website 3. Have more than 15 different posts created and posted on your social media accounts 4. Have over 10 videos to work with 5. Have a developed social ad campaign that is getting closer to your ideal spending and return on investment 6. Have a satisfying start to your digital marketing journey Free month of technical support This maintenance includes: security checks, website backups and restoration, updated theme and plugins, website optimization, and monthly reports. Once we have completed the month, we will go over the phase of your growth in a different contract.

Timeline of the Project

After you accept the proposal we will send you - A branding questionnaire (12 hours from signing) - After the branding questionnaire you will be prompted to set a calendar booking so that we can have our brainstorming session together. (day and time set by client) - Develop brand assets (3 days) - Develop website (2-3 weeks) - Develop social media assets (2-3 weeks) Total amount of time should be 1 month

Estimated Timeline:


Branding questionnaire
1 hour
Brainstorming session
1 hour
Creating the brand assets
1 day
Develop website
2-3 weeks
Develop social media assets
2-3 weeks

Your Investment

Total investment for my services is going to be 800 dollars. NOTE: This does not include fees related to website fees, advertising fees, or any other miscellaneous fees you may encounter due to the tools and other software used to complete the project. Half is to be paid up front and the last half to be paid when the assets are delivered. Advertising cost minimum to start: $100.00 per month

Total for project
Advertising cost

Total: $900

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