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Social Media Marketing And SEO Strategy for TTN

Proposal presented by: Awaken Media Solutions

Hello Maria,

This proposal will be comprised of what I will be doing for your company Top Notch Networking. This contract is to lay out the details of what I will do for this project, how it will get done, and when it will get done. I’m grateful for this opportunity to present this proposal contract to you and I hope you choose me for your social media marketing needs.

I will be working on helping you develop a strategy on how to develop your social media campaign. I’ll make the strategy as easy to implement but also effective in bringing you and your team more leads. This will be a strategy that your team will implement but I will be helping you through consulting for the first month.


We have added SEO strategy to the proposals. On top of the social media campaign, I will also be helping you develop a search engine optimization strategy to help you with your website.

Thank you,

Jimy Delgado

Scope of Service

This section will tell you about what I will do for the strategy. This full strategy will be a plug and play strategy. I will develop and design it for you, but it will be up to you to implement it. I will be working with you through consulting services if you have any questions or concerns.

Brainstorming session

We will be going back and forth discussing ideas and strategies that work with your company. This brainstorming session will be as long as it needs to be so that we will cover each topic thoroughly. I will be sending you a brand questionnaire to help me understand your company better. Brainstorming session agenda: 1. Go over the questionnaire 2. Researching competition 3. Current client profiling 4. Brand style (Color strategy, fonts, and tone) 5. Keyword Research (for SEO and Social Media) 6. Developing an overview of the content creation strategy 7. Developing an overview of the engagement process 8. Developing an overview of the automation structure 9. Developing an overview of the growth plan 10. Create a list of different content ideas 11. Final thoughts

Developing the Full Social Media Strategy

With the information that I got from the brainstorming questionnaire, I'll develop a specific plan of action for you to grow on social media. I will develop: 1. The full content creation strategy A content creation strategy will include step by step instructions on how to create posts that people will like and engage with. This will help make it easier to get ideas for your posts and how to take your time when creating each post. 2. The full engagement process An engagement process will go over what you will be doing when someone interacts with you and how you will be doing cold outreach on each platform you are on. 3. The full automation structure I will develop a plan on how you can automate the posting process using different apps to facilitate the posting. 4. The full growth plan A growth plan will push you to do a little more each time you feel like you've mastered the current strategy. This plan will include a structure on when to start increasing your social media posting, develop your hashtag strategy, and more.

Create templates for your use

I will help you create templates for: 1. Video ideas and creation (stories, reels, video scripts) I will build a questionnaire and a list of valuable information and steps on what to do to create your next video. You'll also have a template you can use for this type of post for your 2. Single post I'll help create 3-4 templates you can use for your next single post. 3. Carousel post I'll build 1 template for your 10-page carousel post. 4. Direct messages to company social media I'll build 5-10 text templates you can use to send for your cold outreach campaign. 5. Commenting templates on bigger accounts You'll have 5-10 text templates you can use to reply or comment on other accounts to get publicity for your account.

Consulting Service

Once the full social media plan is delivered and accepted, I will give you a full month of free consulting for a limit of 2.5 hours of consulting per week. Just set up an appointment, and we'll work on what you need.

SEO Strategy

Research: 1. Keyword Research I will give you a list of keywords you'd like to focus on based on whom you'd like to target. This will help structure everything else. 2. Phrase Research Phrases are just longer keywords. Sometimes they can be short sentences. 3. Question Research Question research will be the questions people ask about your specific business. You will use this to SEO Audit of website The SEO Audit will check the details of your website and see where you can improve. I will set up a presentation on what you can do to improve your website that allows you to be better suited for the future. Backlink strategy I will also set up a strategy on how you can start gaining more links from other websites to your website. This includes guest posting, local optimization, and research page link building. A template for writing blogs I will also set up a template you can use to write your blogs with. It will help you on the road to developing a great blog.

Timeline of the Project

This project should take 3 weeks from the brainstorming session I have with you.

Estimated Timeline:

3 weeks from first payment date

Brainstorming session
1 Hour minimum
Strategy Development
2 week
Revisions and corrections
1 day
Month of consulting
1 Month

Your Investment

Your investment in this project will be for: This full strategy will be a plug and play strategy. I will develop and design it for you, but it will be up to you to implement it. I will be working with you through consulting services if you have any questions or concerns. 1. Brainstorming session 2. Developing the full social media and SEO strategy 3. Create templates for your use 4. Month of consulting

Social Media Strategy Investment
SEO Strategy add on

Total: $750

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If you would like to join us and become a client then we’d be delighted to have you.

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