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Top Choice Home Care (Chaplain Manny Proposal)

Proposal presented by: Awaken Media Solutions

Welcome note:

Dear Chaplain Manny Flores,

Customers are always at the center of any kind of business. I’m sure you would agree that in today’s competitive age, retaining current customers and acquiring new ones has become more important and difficult than ever before.

This is why we are working together to make sure your company has a steady flow of leads and conversions so that your business can keep thriving.

Awaken Media Solutions will provide you a system that helps automate the process of finding, contacting, and setting appointments for our new business. In the pages to follow you will find in detail the value that I will provide you and how we will work together to make this work!

Please carefully review the contents of this proposal and feel free to contact us if you have any queries. We look forward to welcoming you.

Jimy Delgado
Creative Strategist
Awaken Media Solutions

Scope of Service

Your creative and strategic action plan summary: 1. Brainstorming session 2. Create a CRM Pipeline for service 3. Create 2 main follow-up campaigns for each service 4. Create 3 repeatable follow-up campaigns 5. Create a website 6. Send you weekly analytics and show how we're improving the system

Brainstorming session

1. Creating your target persona 2. The main services you'd like to focus on

Create a CRM Pipeline for service we'd focus on

Details to be discussed in the brainstorming session. We will create a pipeline that follows the stages of a client.

Create campaigns for the different stages of the client

We will create CRM campaigns to reach out to the people that have called out to you. This may include: 1. Text messaging 2. Emails 3. Voice mail drops 4. Call follow-up flows 5. and more note: not all campaigns have all the follow-up tools.

Create 3 repeatable follow-up campaigns

Repeatable meaning that they are reminder campaigns, or appointment confirmations, or appointments missed.

Create a website

So for each of the 2 services that you'd like to focus on we would create a landing page website for each service. This would include: 1. Home page 2. About 3. Services 4. Contact us 5. Scheduling 6. Thank you 7. and other small pages

Build a reputation management system

We will create a reputation management system campaign to get you 5 stars on all the platforms you'd like to have 5 stars on. We will: 1. Create your Google My Business 2. Connect it to the campaign 3. Create a follow-up for testimonials

Start a media campaign

We will work together to build either a free course for people to understand hospice or create a pdf information booklet for lead magnet. We can also create a commercial for these services so they can be placed on ads. This media can be set on YouTube so people can find it easily.

Timeline of the Project

1. After you accept the proposal we will send you a. Branding questionnaire (12 hours from signing) i. After the branding questionnaire you will be prompted to set a calendar booking so that we can have our brainstorming session together. b. The brainstorming session (timing set by client) i. What the brainstorming session has 1. Review what I have 2. Go over communication and project management a. Email, text, zoom, or phone call b. Click-Up 3. Go over business' brand a. Goals i. Business goals ii. Finance goals b. Visuals i. What are the colors ii. Logo c. Question i. Why should a company choose you instead of the other contractors? ii. What is your mission statement? iii. Who is your target audience? 4. I will go over the plan I have 5. Set the dates for each part of the process 6. Talk about costs and make sure each one is dealt with c. Creating the assets (3 weeks) i. Creating everything from the ads to the landing pages d. Start off date (on the 4th week after creating the assets) i. We start the campaign e. Analytics meeting (1 week after the start date) and so on

Estimated Timeline:

October - January

Branding questionnaire
1 hour
Brainstorming session
1 hour
Creating the assets
3 weeks
Start off date
1 day
Analytics meeting
1 week
Development of campaign and assets
ongoing till the mid January

Your Investment

Agreed full amount to be paid: $1,500 The monthly payment would be $500 per month split between $250 at the beginning of the month and $250 at the end of the month. Time investment: 3 months

Full cost

Total: $1500

Approve Proposal

If you would like to join us and become a client then we’d be delighted to have you.

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