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Video Production with Jullison LED LLC 2

Proposal presented by: Awaken Media Solutions

Hello Ellis,


This proposal will be for the production of ZAGO 13 Inch Smart RGBW WiFi Flush Mount. This contract is to lay out the details of what I will do for this project, how it will get done, and when it will get done. I’m grateful for this opportunity to present this proposal contract to you and I hope you choose me for your product video production needs.


The product that I will be working on is:


Please let me know in an email if this is correct.


Thank you,

Jimy Delgado

Scope of Service

This section will tell you about what I will do for the recessed lighting video production.


I will be going back and forth through email discussing ideas and your expectations for the video. Once I have a solid understanding of your direction with the video, I will work on polishing the storyboard, shot description, and script. I will also consider if I should install the lights or make a simple installation video. If I install the lights, I will find the location and install these lights. I will then send you all the pre-production work completed for approval. Once we have your final approval, we will get started with the shoot.


As planned, I will set the date for the production to take place. Once we get to the date, we will shoot the product video. I will be shooting at 1080p at 30 frames per second on a Canon EOS R using either a 50 mm or 10-18 mm lens. The shoot may take upwards of 6 hours. I will also either hire a voice-over artist for the voice-over or do it myself.

Post Production

Once the video is shot, we will look over the shots and select winning shots for each part of the shot description. Editing will then take place after the winning shots have been chosen. I will send you a rough draft in 1-2 days after the editing has started, so you can see the progress of the video. I will continue to share with you the video until you are fully satisfied with the video that you receive.

Timeline of the Project

This project should take 3 weeks from the brainstorming session I have with you.

Estimated Timeline:

Month of March

Brainstorming session
1 Hour
1 week
1 day
1 week

Your Investment

As stated in my email to you, the cost will be 700 dollars and to have the light paid for as well. The cost is to cover the production of the video.

Video Production Cost

Total: $700

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