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Website Design and Advertising Proposal For Gabby's Hair Salon

Proposal presented by: Awaken Media Solutions

Dear Gabby,

We understand how time consuming and difficult it is to start a business, especially when there are many factors to think about. From a business name, to branding, website designing, and content creation. Not to mention keeping it up from week to week, and performing maintenance on websites on a monthly basis. Sounds exhausting, and definitely not something to add unto your to-do list.

That is why we are here! Awaken Media Solutions is determined to aid you in both website design/creation along with advertising (content) to get your business up and running. We push to increase your flow of customers as well as making it easy for them to find and contact you!

In the following pages we will explain in better detail how we can best serve you, and how we will work together to make it work!

Please carefully review the contents of this proposal and feel free to contact us with any queries. We look forward to working with you!


Jimy & Alexia Delgado

Scope of Service

Your creative and strategic action plan summary: 1. Brainstorming Session 2. Create an advertising campaign for business using Facebook and Instagram 3. Creating 1 to 2 niche videos for advertisement 4. Create content for social media 5. Provide you with monthly website maintenance.

Brainstorming Session

1. Creating your target persona 2. Branding, naming of business 3. Help us understand the main services you'd like to focus on 4. Preferred platforms to use for advertising 5. Start writing out ideas for niche videos

Website Design with required pages

We will work together to determine the website design and additional pages required. We will also speak of font usage, your business' representation colors logo etc. The pages that are mainly required are the following: - Home page - About page - Services - Portfolio - Contact - Privacy policy We will also be obtaining information (which will be obtained by business owner) on location, services, contact and an "about you" summary to apply into website page.

Create and Advertising Campaign

During our brainstorm meeting we will create a testing plan to advertise to groups of people. We will then monitor and see what works and what doesn't to the determine which ad set to maintain and which to close. We will: 1. Researching keywords, phrases, and competitors 2. Developing advertising media in the form of text, graphics, and video 3. Setting up pixels, so you can see who lands on your page 4. Setting up other analytics metrics so that we understand how people go through your page 5. Launching your ad campaigns

Social Media Development

We will work alongside you to create 3-4 posts per week for your social media efforts. What this will include is: 1. Pre-planning each month of posts so that we can have a steady source of content on your social media channels 2. Have a shoot day when we go to your salon for a day and shoot the content that will be used for the month 3. Schedule the content for your social media channels 4. Implement an engagement strategy to increase your following

Additional Recommendations

These are additional recommendations that you don't have to purchase, but it would be good to have.

Website Maintenance

Continued monthly maintenance that includes: security checks, website backups and restoration, updated theme and plugins, continued website optimization, and monthly reports. Website Updates include: Updates to the pages that have already been built which includes: - Home page - About pages - Services - Portfolio Pages - Contact - Privacy policy These updates can be in the form of text, photo, audio, and video content changes. This would be a cost of 50 dollars per month.

Search Engine Optimization Articles

To reach the top of the search engines like Google you need to have keywords that help you rank for them. I will be working on 1500-word articles that go on your website that will help you reach your ranking goals. Each article cost $150 dollars

Local Listings development

When you look up a specific service like "hair cuts near me" the first few businesses that show up after the ads are what shows up on the map. To be a part of that you would need a local listing service. What that does is add your branding and business information on many local listings pages like Google my business, yellow pages, yext, and other pages that will help you rank on the map packs. $50 dollars per month


1. After you accept the proposal we will send: a.Buying persona questionnaire (12 hours from signing) i. After the buying persona questionnaire you will be prompted to set a calendar booking so that we can have our brainstorming session together. b. The brainstorming session (timing set by you) i. What the brainstorming session has 1. Review what I have 2. Go over communication and project management 3. I will go over the plan I have 4. Set the dates for each part of the process 5. Talk about costs and make sure each one is dealt with. c. Creating the assets (2 weeks) i. Creating everything from the videos to the ads d. Start off date (on the 3rd week after creating the assets) i. We start the campaign

Estimated Timeline:

October - January

Branding Questionnaire
1 hour
Brainstorming session
1 hour
Creating assets
2 weeks
Start off date
1 day
Development of campaign and assets

Your Investment

Agreed full amount to be paid $ 3,100. 1. Ads $1000 2. Social Media $600 3. Website $1500 Time investment is at minimum 3 months We will be giving you a $100 dollar discount for bundling together. TOTAL $3,000

Ads management
Social Media Management
Web Design and Development with 100 dollar discount

Total: $3000

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