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Wedding Photography Services for Chris and Kirstie

Proposal presented by: Awaken Media Solutions

Hello Chris and Kirstie,

I’m excited for your big day! Thank you for having me and Alexia be a part of it as your photographer and videographer.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.

Jimy Delgado

What I will do for you

1. Pre-Wedding Services 2. Wedding Day Services 3. Editing Services

Pre-Wedding Services

The pre-planning stage is when we get together before the wedding to plan out the shots you'd like me to take. We will go over the photos you absolutely want list and photos you're okay with having but don't really need list. We would also go over the timeline of your wedding in one of those meetings.

Wedding Day Services

Alexia and I will be using the list as a guideline to what you'd like from us. We will be there working for 4 hours of coverage. I will only do video for your wedding ceremony. Video will be stationary and audio will be simple. BRIDE’S (NORMAL) B&G w/ Brides Mother (charleen) and Brother (Jimmy) B&G w Brides Mom, Brother, and Delilah (sis in-law) B&G w/ Brides Mom, Brother, Delilah, Tonya, Allissa, aunt Diane, Papa (needs a chair), Aunt Jean B&G w/ Aunt Marlene, Mick, Mikey, Jen, (Marc and Morgan (maybe)) GROOM’S (NORMAL) B&G w/ Groom parents: Robert and Sharon B&G w/ Groom with parents and siblings: Willy and Bobby B&G w/ Groom Family and Pastor Ellis and Sister Alicia B&G w/ just Pastor Ellis and Sister Alicia BOTH (HIGH ENERGY) B&G w/ both set of parents and Brother (Robert, Sharon, Charleen and Jimmy) B&G w/ both families B&G w/ Cheyenne and Dylan B&G w/ Allen and Emma B&G w/ Henry and Elena B&G w/ Josh and Jess B&G w/ Josh, Jess, Alex, Andre, Jimy and Alexia (ask Allissa to photograph) LARGE GROUP PHOTO OF EVERYONE (f/5 or f/7)

Editing Services

I will be giving you 10 photos that I choose the day of or after your wedding for social media purposes. The others will also be chosen from the list of what you'd want from the pre-planning meeting and be sent to you no later than 7 days after the wedding. There will be no editing for video.


When all of the services and deliverables will take place.

Estimated Timeline:

1 weeks

30 minutes - 1 hour
Wedding day
2.5 hours
2-4 days

Your Investment

1. Pre-Wedding Services 2. Wedding Day Services 3. Editing Services

Wedding Photographer Services

Total: $700

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