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On a website

Creating a better User Experience

Your website is the place your potential customers go to when they are interested in your service or good. If the user has a great experience and the website’s performance is where it needs to be, you’ll have a better chance at having a paying client.

We build consistent and clean websites to provide the best user experience for your visitors. It will be functional as our team of web developers works on each page to make sure pages connect like they need to and pop up faster than the customer’s attention span. Web design goes hand in hand with web development as the designer builds eye-catching visuals as the developer brings it to life through code.

All according to plan

We follow your brand’s identity to start our creative process and build a website around it. When you pay for an ad, your website should have a landing page for that ad to maximize conversions. You will continue to earn traffic as your content on each page grows and becomes more relevant to your audience. Your owned traffic will come from a fast and seamless website experience.

“What separates design from art is that design is meant to be... functional.”

- Cameron Moll

device optimzation

Why custom web design is the optimal decision

Websites need to be optimized to not only look great but be efficient on all devices. When working with Awaken Media Solutions custom website design and development, you’ll achieve a brand-strengthening design, SEO centric infrastructure, with a custom website design pricing that is worth the investment. 

Your pages will also be optimized for each device to make sure they are having a great experience all around. Mobile website optimization is a priority as according to Statista 60% of searches are done on mobile.

Need Proof?

Don’t take our word for it. Check out this testimonial from our friends at the Rancho Chamber of Commerce and see what they say about their website!

“Working with you guys has definitely been very, very easy. You guys are thorough and you explain things as you go. So it’s helpful for us to understand how our website is going to function, what to look for, and what we might have information on our website that we probably don’t need. But it’s helpful because that’s how thorough you guys are.” ― Flora Dugbartey

RC Chamber logo

”Click on the picture below to see their full testimony.”

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