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Why Digital Marketing?

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Marketing is a mix of psychology and sociology. It is knowing how people think and make decisions so you can take part influencing them to your product or service.

I was watching the Greatest Showman the other day and realized how ingenious P.T. Barnum was to create a show business empire around 1800. He thought of how to use what he had to his advantage. He used creative wording and mesmerizing graphics to reel his audience in to then astound them with a performance to remember. There was so much buzz around the circus that people kept the curiosity growing within the community which brought even more customers. He was out-promoting his competitors with a unique product in his industry to dominate.

The amazing part of this story is that he was creative with what he had. He used billboards, giveaways, the buzz created by the hype, and much more to market to his audience.


Not too long ago, customers had to use a phonebook or the local ads to find a specific business. The tried and true traditional ways of marketing are: using mass mailers, cold calling, banners in front of the office, and so much more. Technology was advancing and it made it easier to reach prospective customers. These methods of marketing have done a great job at bringing more people to the business as it can be targeted even further than what P.T. Barnum had in his day.

Every time marketing develops, the more efficient it gets! 


Now, we have so many marketing tools available at our disposal. Technology has advanced to the point that the machines are learning. They listen to you and create suggestions based on your previous engagement or things that you have liked. This makes it easier for companies to market to their customer base.

If you want to be laser focused on the certain people, age, gender, pages they like, you can do this now. You can reach as many number of eyes through digital marketing as you would traditional marketing in a more cost efficient manner!

Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing via digitalvidya.

If you are able to catch someone’s attention, you can keep having their attention and lead them through your sales process on the spot. It’s all about making it easier for the client to get what they want faster. Under the hood of technology can be very difficult to understand but the product of simplicity makes people jump for joy!

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Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing via digitalvidya

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