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The 5 Steps to be an IMPACTFUL Problem Solver


The way you make money as a problem solver is to be good at what you do!

When someone has a problem with their lighting in their house, they’ll call an electrician because they know how to solve the problem better than if you’d try to do it yourself.

Now, in your area there are a ton of different electricians. How would you choose the right electrician? You’d look at each electrician’s reviews to see what are the experience of others with each specific electrician. Another factor would be price and how fast he can do the work. Depending on how much influence the electrician has over the internet and in person, you’d make your decision on which electrician to choose.

Now when it comes to what you do, you don’t need to be the best at it, you just need to be good and efficient enough to get the job done right.

Solving problems is a simple 5 step process

  1. Identify the problem and get to the root cause of it
    This is asking the right questions to zero in on what the problem is.

    Questions like:

    1. What is causing the problem?

    2. Can it be quantified?

    2.  Get ideas on how to solve the problem
         This is where you think of solutions that will                               correct the problem at hand.

         There are many ways to get to a specific goal.

         At this stage, look for as many methods you can                      find that can be the solution to the problem.

Solving problems for other businesses

    3.  Find the solution that works best
         There can be many factors to find the solution that works best for the problem but one thing is for sure,               the best solution is one that is highly impactful yet easy to accomplish.

         This way you will have the most efficient and effective solution for the task!

4.  Create a plan and execute it
     Create the plan from the best idea and put it into action.

     This is where you build on the idea and make actionable steps to get to the goal at hand.

    5.  Measure the success of that solution
         Check in on the solution and make sure that it stuck. If it didn’t, well it’s time to try again.

         Trial and error is a part of the learning process.

         In the end, finding the right solution for the problem, will be satisfying!

Being well positioned

Usually when your potential client is starting to look for solutions like yours its in the ideation stage. Being present and positioned as the expert in solving their problem will help you be a prime candidate they choose.

Positioning takes time and dedication to making sure you’re on the top of their head when the problem comes up. Keep it going and you’ll find yourself getting to the top soon.

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